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Tron Bulls by ApexGo

ApexGo will be launching their Tron Bull collection this week!

Check out the Tron Bulls website at: and their twitter at

“Tron Bulls are a celebration of the Tron community.  When we look beyond the speed, the low transactional cost and the efficiencies of Tron, what truly makes Tron great is the community.”

Their team has spent an incredible amount of time going over every detail of the ApexGo Tron Bull collection.  Multiple times they went back to the drawing board.  A process that has been months in the making will soon to be shared with the Tron community.

The team has been hard at work spreading the word about their upcoming launch.  Judging by what they have released thus far it is hard to imagine another project that can come close to the quality that the ApexGo Tron Bull NFT offers..


The Benefits

The Tron Bull collection goes beyond the scope of most NFTs to date

Let us explain the Benefits of holding a Tron Bull.

  • Tron Bulls have Non Visual Traits that interact with future GameFi projects.  Every Bull has the following traits:
    • Attack
    • Shield
    • Agility
    • Recovery
    • Critical Hit
    • Variable 1
    • Variable 2
  • The ApexGo Tron Bull will be your ticket to up coming digital and in-person events.
  • Holding an ApexGo Tron Bull will gain you early access to future project releases.
  • The ApexGo Tron Bull will gain you exclusive access to some of the servers within the Tron & BitTorrent Alliance Discord page.
  • The Tron Bull will be integrated into ScoreMilk so you can use your personally owned NFT as your avatar.


Tron's Breakthrough into the Mainstream NFT Space: Tron Bulls by ApexGo