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The Tronix Revolution is upon us. To be more concise, the Tronix digital asset dog revolution is upon us. Although I agree that my German Shepard will one day be eating a gourmet refrigerated pouch thanks to my TRX investment, that is not quite what I am alluding to. Nor am I referring to the species boarding the crypto bandwagon as it becomes more mainstream. Nonetheless, there are several dogs that will be reeking havoc on the Tronix blockchain. These little buddies go by the name of Tron Dogs, who hang out in a game also known as Pet’s Planet.

Tron Dogs – A Man’s Best Friend

Tron Dogs are the off-specie cousins of that wonderful game that ultimately demonstrated the limitations of the Ethereum network. Do you remember sending your Ether to your crypto wallet in order to fund that once-in-a-lifetime ICO?  Then, with a sense of nervousness, you waited hours not knowing where your funds are. Well, that was thanks to CryptoKitties, the then called Ethereum killers. Fortunately for Tron Dogs, the Tronix network can handle a pack of dogs running wild. As we all know, Tron (or Tronix) runs on a delegated proof-of-stake algorithm as opposed to Ethereum’s current proof-of-work algorithm. This has allowed the Tronix network to handle exponentially more transactions per second in comparison.

Justin Sun, Tron’s leader, has commented the following:


Fortunately for Tron Dogs, or any other game that hopes to go viral, this advantage over Ethereum will allow it to thrive on the blockchain.

The Significance of Tron Dogs

Whether Tron Dogs becomes a blockchain sensation or not, is yet to be seen. The developers at are currently working on expanding its features with the ultimate goal of dog stardom. But regardless to say, the Tron Dogs represent for the gaming industry what I consider to be one of the key drivers for the Tronix platform going forward. And that my friends, is the concept of digital assets registered on the blockchain. As is the case with Tron Dogs, they can all be sold on the open market. The game is developed with an entire digital economy as its backbone. Pet shop owners buy the dogs in bulk, sometimes receiving rarely seen breeds, and then sell them to individuals who are interested in playing the game. Depending on the demand, the price can vary. Think about what this means and how it can be incorporated into other gaming concepts. The possibilities are endless.

Buying Your First Tronix Digital Asset

CryptoKitties took the blockchain community by storm as several of them digitally furry creatures sold for over $100k. If succeeds in the development of their game, they may just experience the same fate. For the record, I do not own any Tron Dogs at the time of this writing and I do not give financial advise. This is solely for entertainment and information purposes only. Either way, for those of you who may be interested in obtaining your Tronix digital asset dog, you can find the dogs for sale here.

And if you already have a dog but it keeps dirtying the carpet, you can get rid of that mutt on the Pet Tarde Center which is now available in the mobile version. You can even buy and sell your max-level pets.

Digital Assets Changing the Future of Gaming  

The Tronix digital asset revolution has commenced with Tron Dogs. If it isn’t this cute little game that catapults this new concept to the masses on the Tronix network, it will surely be another game. One thing is certain, digital assets in the gaming industry are here to stay.


George Rodriguez

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with 16 years experience in a Fortune 500 company. Ten years of which were in a real-time operations leadership role. An early investor in TRX and an avid blockchain enthusiast. Currently, handling Tronspark digital operations and residing in Miami, Florida.

The Tronix Digital Asset Dog Revolution