Swipe: A new alternative TRX wallet in the market

By April 14, 2020Tron | TRX

TRON Foundation has officially joined the Swipe Wallet platform, a digital wallet application on the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play Store now allow users in the UK and EU to purchase TRX through the Swipe Wallet app.

Swipe Wallet verified users will be able to use TRX through the Swipe platform. UK and EU users may now purchase TRX with their linked bank accounts with SEPA transfer or wire funds via SWIFT. TRX may also be purchased with a verified Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card and Apple Pay.

With TRON Foundation, one of the biggest blockchain-based operating systems in the world joining the Swipe platform

just made it more convenient to purchase TRX within your mobile device and simply a game-changer for the other cryptocurrency wallets out there in the market.

Swipe also mentioned that their spotlight gives its users a first-hand view of all the benefits of the Swipe Wallet platform and a specific coin with no fees.

Joselito Lizarondo, Swipe’s CEO, stated:

We are thrilled to list Tron TRX on our platform and ecosystem to give users access to a top cryptocurrency! Users will benefit from 0% in fees with our rebate to really help users in this time of need. They can buy, sell, and pay with TRX all with our Swipe Wallet and Swipe Visa Card.

Swipe Wallet gives users the choice to use TRX in making purchases and provides an alternative TRX wallet that you can use on a daily basis.



What is Swipe?

Swipe, a multi-asset blockchain digital wallet application based in the United Kingdom which allows its users to store cryptocurrencies securely. The wallet is designed to require Swipe Tokens (SXP) to perform all functions and utility of a digital wallet, including to use in services and to make withdrawals.

Users of the Swipe wallet may purchase, sell and pay with their cryptocurrencies to fiat directly within the wallet application. They also have the option to purchase gift cards and make instant exchanges between all the supported cryptocurrencies.

Swipe Wallet is also partnered with the Swipe Debit Card that allows users to spend their cryptocurrencies real-time at locations worldwide. Does TRON Foundation move to join Swipe Wallet a good one? We definitely think so and would help recognize users more of the advantages of using TRX with the Swipe Wallet.

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