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SUN, the first integrated platform for stablecoin swap, stake-mining, and self-governance on TRON has been accepting applications for their SUN Governance Mining since last weekend.

Interested TRON-based projects that would apply for the SUN Governance Mining should meet the following requirements as stated on their form:

  • The liquidity pool created is a SunSwap V2 pool
  • The token pairs in the liquidity pool are [project token + TRX] or [project token + USDT]
  • At the time of application, the circulating value of the pool in the past 14 days reaches $1,000,000
  • At the time of application, the daily trading volume of the pool in the past 14 days reaches $10,000
  • You have locked over 10,000,000 SUN on for 4 years to gain voting rights (veSUN) leading up to your application.

Governance Mining on SUN has been a stable operation since its launch date and currently, the total value locked (TVL) had already surpassed $600 Million. The pools of project teams supported in Governance Mining are SunSwap V2 liquidity pools.

For projects that would be selected and are eligible pools, they would be added to the list of liquidity pools in Governance Mining, and users can stake corresponding LP tokens for SUN rewards.

What is platform is TRON’s first one-stop platform that supports stablecoin swap, token mining, and self-governance. started as SUN Genesis Mining which was also a social experiment and it focuses on the DeFi potential of TRON during its early days. is well-known for its stablecoin swapping feature called SunSwap which is the upgraded JustSwap after being acquired by and it is officially the largest decentralized exchange in the whole TRON ecosystem.

Recently, SunSwap upgraded its swapping mechanism to V2.0 which enables users to add liquidity to trading pairs of any two TRC-20 tokens and there will be no need for TRX as an intermediary to swap TRC20 tokens.

Asides from the SunSwap feature, they also provide users multiple staking options and allow them to vote in order to decide the weights of liquidity pools.

What is SUN Governance Mining?

The SUN Governance Mining is a staking-mining project released by for community self-governance and this mining project supports LP tokens in stablecoin liquidity pools and SunSwap liquidity pools.

List of Liquidity Pools under the SUN Governance Mining:

  • 3pool LP

Projects that would be interested to apply SUN Governance Mining should visit their website and only applications made the forms would be accepted.

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