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We have some great news regarding our development team.  A couple weeks ago we shared that we had hired a new developer.  This week we can share that we have hired even more developers. In fact we have doubled our full time developers working on the Score Milk project.  This is significant for two reasons:

  • We will be able to work much faster to create new features for the Score Milk community.
  • We will be able to expand our Score Milk Partnerships as we will be able to respond quickly to the needs of other communities.


We were really hoping to be able to bring to you a specific date for launch this week.  Unfortunately, we can not do that yet.  The team continues to work hard to be ready.  We have finished building out the additional layers of security to the payment protocol that we have been working on.  As mentioned, our additional developers will be a real asset in pushing towards launch.


Tron & BitTorent NFT Alliance

This week ApexGo launched the Tron and BitTorrent NFT Alliance.  The purpose of this alliance is to work together with SR’s, projects, community leaders and hopefully Tron themselves to build value to the Tron and Bittorrent NFT space.

Score Milk is pleased to share that we have joined the alliance and will participate in the following ways:

  • Score Milk has committed to integrating NFT’s from alliance partners within their ecosystem.
  • Score Milk is open to providing special rewards directly with those who participate in the alliance’s platform.

We are very excited for the future of Tron and the opportunities that the alliance will create for the entire Tron and BitTorrent community.  For more details on the Tron & Bittorrent NFT alliance check out the article here:


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*Legal: Before obtaining any MILK tokens please ensure you are eligible to do so in the country you reside in.  Visit for our regulation and compliance information.



Score Milk Update, October 10, 2021