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TronTrade Listing

We are happy to share that the MILK token was listed on TronTrade on Nov 20th.  This marks the second exchange that the MILK token has been listed on.  TronTrade allows users the opportunity to set their own limit price in buying and selling.  As per the TronTrade website, “The platform provides a safe and reliable trading experience.”


Trading Contest

TronTrade has also launched a trading contest where you can be rewarded with TRX and MILK based on trading volume.  The contest, which is wholly controlled and operated by TronTrade, started on Nov 20th and will wrap up on Nov 29.  The distribution of rewards as per TronTrade is based on the following:

Total rewards available:  30,000 TRX and 10,000 MILK.

Top 1 Trader: 5000 TRX / 100 MILK

Top 2 Trader: 2500 TRX / 100 MILK

Top 3 Trader: 1500 TRX / 100 MILK

Top 4-10 Trader: 900 TRX / 100 MILK

Top 11-20 Trader: 600 TRX / 100 MILK

Top 21-30 Trader: 400 TRX / 100 MILK

Top 31-40 Trader: 300 TRX / 100 MILK

Top 41-50 Trader: 170 TRX / 100 MILK

Top 51-60 Trader:  TRX / 100 MILK

Top 61-70 Trader:  TRX / 100 MILK

Top 71-80 Trader:  TRX / 100 MILK

Top 81-90 Trader:  TRX / 100 MILK

Top 91-100 Trader:  TRX / 100 MILK

If you have any question about the contest please reach out to the TronTrade team.

Learning The Platform

In version 0.5 of the Score Milk platform, you will have the opportunity to use referral links for MILK token accumulation.  Unlike most platforms, Score Milk offers a generous 3-tier referral system.  The referral system has the objective of gaining rapid market share within the competitive gaming world.  Not only will it incentivize the promotion of the Score Milk Platform, it will give early adopters a huge incentive for helping in the evolution of the Score Milk Platform.

Here is a breakdown of how the referral system will pay out using a 1000 TRX game as an example.

– Each gamer receives 1 MILK token for playing 1000 TRX

– The person who directly referred each player gets 0.05 MILK

– The person who is 2 levels up gets 0.025 MILK

– The person who is 3 levels up gets 0.025 MILK

* This applies for both players.   All referral rewards will happen daily

Note: The rate of MILK referral disbursement can be adjusted depending on MILK and TRX valuation.

As always, please check out the Score Milk white paper.  Make sure you follow Score Milk’s Twitter, Telegram, and Discord channels for the most up to date information.


Before obtaining any MILK tokens please ensure you are eligible to do so in the country you reside in.  Visit for our regulation and compliance information.


Score Milk Update - November 22, 2020