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The development team is currently integrating the clone version of the Snake game utilizing the new technology we talked about in last week’s update.  This is a direct result of feedback we have had  from the community about the V 0.5 invite launch.   This same technology is used in games such as Fall Guys, Valorant, and Apex Legends.

Tron Spark

Score Milk is brought to you by Tron Spark. Tron Spark is pleased to share that new backup servers are being deployed both for the Tron Spark Community SR position and for the Score Milk platform.  These servers will run on a separate network so that they do not share any single point of failure. Tron Spark has been a prominent community Super Representative on Tron since mid 2018 and we look forward to serving the Tron community for years to come.

Happy Fathers Day

Score Milk would like to give a quick shoutout to all the fathers out there.  We hope you have a great day!  Of course what would a fathers day be without a horrifically lame, but also awesome joke.

Q: What did the Father buffalo say to his son before it left for school?

A: Bison

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*Legal: Before obtaining any MILK tokens please ensure you are eligible to do so in the country you reside in.  Visit for our regulation and compliance information.



Score Milk Update - June 20, 2021