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Our lead developer has accepted a full-time position with Score Milk. This is great news for the future of Score Milk.


Continued testing Sessions

If you are an early invitee please watch your email for an invite to our community testing sessions.  Our goal is to have dozens of players participating simultaneously in these sessions which will provide invaluable information to our developers.


Score Milk Contest

We wrapped up our “guess the TRX” price Contest today.  In this contest users had to guess the price that trx would be on May 30th, at 5pm EST.

Congratulations to our eligible winners:

Our first place winner @Marktin20758390 has won $75 in TRX

Our second place winner @JodiYudhistira has won $50 in TRX

Our third place winner @SSG754 has won $25 in TRX


*As always, please check out the Score Milk white paper.  Make sure you follow Score Milk’s Twitter, Telegram, and Discord channels for the most up to date information.

*Legal: Before obtaining any MILK tokens please ensure you are eligible to do so in the country you reside in.  Visit for our regulation and compliance information.


Score Milk Update - May 30, 2021