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The Score Milk team has been working hard to ensure the platform is built on a strong foundation.  This week the Score Milk team has been prioritizing strengthening the back end of the Score Milk protocol to ensure that Score Milk 0.5 will exceed all expectations once it debuts.

Smart Contract Testing

Just as we have been working on the back end to ensure a strong stable platform we have been working on ensuring the Smart Contract is robust.  The team has been throwing everything they can at the smart contract and we can confirm that the functionalities work as designed.  There is one additional token burn element that the team hopes to amend within the week.

Token Release

With the success of the Smart Contract we are in the midst of getting ready for the token release.  We have begun communicating with various exchanges.  We will have a specific token release date to share with you very soon.


Security will be a recurring theme on our weekly updates.   Ensuring a secure, reliable, and trustworthy platform is the most important element for Score Milk to succeed.  We are going to great lengths to back up what we have said.  This last week we had a confidential consultation with a security expert to find potential vulnerabilities and provide the Score Milk team with recommendations.  This will be an ongoing task for the team.

Calvin Joins The Score Milk Team

Please join us in welcoming Calvin to the Score Milk team.

Calvin (who is known as cgj_crypto on twitter) has been involved with the Tron community since late 2017.   He has been a strong advocate for the vision of Tron – a decentralized, democratic ecosystem.  Calvin will be responsible for sharing important information with the community.  The majority of updates and articles will go through Calvin.

Make sure you follow Score Milk’s twitter and telegram channel for the most up to date information.


Score Milk Update - October 18, 2020