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Development update

Development continues unabated.  Last week we shared with you a very in depth update on where development stands.  Please check out that update which is linked below.  In the article we share with you significant steps we have taken to add customized security measures to Score Milk and it’s games.  This includes, but is not limited to, captcha protocols as well as code scramblers.  Like we have said so many times before: we are building a foundation.
Check out last week’s very crucial update here.

Score Milk Contest

We always love connecting with our community.  We especially love hosting contests.  Please watch our Twitter account this week.  We will be hosting a giveaway.  


Testing to Commence

Score Milk 0.5 testing is nearly ready to commence.  We will be reaching out to several key supporters to begin testing.  If you feel like you would be an asset to the testing team please reach out to the Score Milk Team.  


*As always, please check out the Score Milk white paper.  Make sure you follow Score Milk’s Twitter, Telegram, and Discord channels for the most up to date information.

*Legal: Before obtaining any MILK tokens please ensure you are eligible to do so in the country you reside in.  Visit for our regulation and compliance information.


Score Milk Update - March 7, 2021