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Drew Wise joins the Score Milk Team

Score Milk is pleased to announce Drew Wise as an addition to the Score Milk Leadership Team.

Drew made his mark in the crypto world as the Co-founder of Team Tronics.  Drew lead Team Tronics to be one of the first elected 27 SRs on the Tron Blockchain.  Since then, Drew has been a significant voice in the Tron community. His support for community based projects is palpable. Most notably, Drew also worked at Ledger during the TRX integration onto “Ledger Live”.  During this time, Drew specialized in a communication and marketing role helping bring two communities together in a common goal.

As a community builder, Drew will leverage his unique skillset to create a strong foundation on which Score Milk can grow.  Please join us in welcoming Drew to the Score Milk team.

Server Migration

This last week the Score Milk Development team migrated servers and integrated a new database.  This resulted in the Score Milk Practice Play to be down for a couple days.  We would like to thank you for your patience in this regard.  In addition to the server migration, we also added extra layers of security.

MILK Token Launch

The Score Milk token launch date is imminent.  The Smart Contract is being rigorously tested on the Tron testnet and final preparations are being made for the launch.  Make sure you follow Score Milk’s twitter and telegram channel for the most up to date information.


Score Milk Update - October 11, 2020