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PoloniDex Listing

The Score Milk team is very pleased to share that on Dec 18th the MILK token was listed on PoloniDex.  This marks the third exchange that MILK has been listed on.  In Addition, the PoloniDex listing means that the current MILK token value will appear on TronScan.

Milk Exchanges

Our three listings pave the way for a high level of liquidity and market options to obtain the MILK token.  You can currently obtain MILK tokens on the following Exchanges.

Justswap – Click here

Tron Trade – Click here

PoloniDex – Click here

Please always play close attention to the Contract Address when interacting with MILK.  The MILK Contract address is: TYaAqxSMub4VSqZFczKDk6NzQp9N9Mcik2.

Score Milk Community

In celebration of our third listing milestone the Score MILK team is giving away 100 MILK to 5 winners.  The contest will close on Dec 21st.  Head over to the twitter post here and don’t miss out.

Thank you to the JTS community for bringing awareness to Score Milk.  They put together a fun little photo of the Christmas Elf earning some MILK tokens.


We are optimistic about the roadmap schedule. The Dev team continues to work hard and we are very confident Score Milk 0.5 will launch in Q1 of 2021 with staking to follow shortly thereafter.  Not long now.

Flashcard Campaign

Score Milk has launched their “Flashcard Campaign”.  The campaign shares quick glimpses into the functionality, tokenomics, and vision of Score Milk.  Pay close attention to the Score MILK social channels this week.  The flashcards will be a key part of an event where you will be able to test your strength, endurance, and determination.  You won’t want to miss out.  More details coming soon!



As always, please check out the Score Milk white paper.  Make sure you follow Score Milk’s Twitter, Telegram, and Discord channels for the most up to date information.

Legal: Before obtaining any MILK tokens please ensure you are eligible to do so in the country you reside in.  Visit for our regulation and compliance information.





Score Milk Update - December 20, 2020