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It was just announced that Pool-X will be supporting the SUN Genesis mining activity, which allows users to stake TRON Foundation’s very own TRX on the platform to participate and its under the activity called “TRX-Staking-For-SUN”.

Let’s get to know more about this awesome activity from Pool-X and what’s in store for us from the SUN Genesis Mining.


How TRX Staking for SUN works?

Pool-X users can stake TRX on the platform starting 20:00 of September 9th and it will end at 21:00 on September 16th. During the “TRX-Staking-For-SUN” activity, all KuCoin users can go to the staking page of the Pool-X site and participate using TRX on their account.

As per their income distribution rules, 24 hours after the activity ends, the same amount of TRX and corresponding SUN tokens can be withdrawn. In addition to the benefits from the staking activity, Pool-X users can also get a share of the POL mining rewards every day and made it better for everyone to experience the SUN Genesis Mining on their accounts.


What is Pool-X?

Pool-X is a trading platform that provides liquidity for staked cryptocurrencies. Users can participate in staking pools and operate nodes. They also allow users to “unstake” their tokens at any given date and time.

What sets Pool-X from other pools is being a free market and they possess different operational views by comparing the traditional mining pool without further engaging competition with the node.

They prioritize on introducing diversified crypto assets and multi-node on the public chain to all users. In addition, Pool-X users are able to freely choose the node while receiving benefits from the staking of the digital asset plus a certain amount POL is generated for the user to obtain.

Lastly, users can get liquidity by trading the staked crypto assets through the use of the platform’s credit/point in the liquidity trading market.


What is SUN Genesis Mining?

SUN Genesis Mining is a new DeFi project of TRON Foundation’s CEO Justin Sun and the mining activity started on September 2nd and will continue for 14 days then end on September 16th or called “Sun Day”.

This is also an experimental project which has not received any investment from major companies, equity investors or pre-mining for team members.

There is a total supply of under 20,000,000 tokens and in order to receive these tokens, users would need to stake TRX on the Sun Market website and is wholly operated by the community through its open-source smart contracts.

With Pool-X’s full support for SUN Genesis mining, this is a good start for this amazing DeFi project of Justin Sun and this has a lot of potentials to be the best in the DeFi industry in the next following months.

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Pool-X: Now Supports SUN Genesis Mining