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Happy Birthday PoloniDex

Score Milk is thrilled to be able to join PoloniDex in Celebration of Poloniex’s  7th Anniversary!

Trading Competition

Score Milk will be participating in the trading event sponsored by PoloniDex.

Trade Milk/TRX on PoloniDex to share in 9k MILK!

The Score Milk team will manage distribution based on the following proportions:

  •       1st Place: 40%
  •       2nd Place: 10%
  •       3rd Place: 10%
  •       4th Place: 10%
  •       5th Place: 10%
  •       6th Place: 4%
  •       7th Place: 4%
  •       8th Place: 4%
  •       9th Place: 4%
  •       10th Place: 4%

Join us on our Twitter Account as we share pertinent information you will not want to miss.

Please Pay Close attention to the PoloniDex News page regarding the Rules, Terms, and Conditions for this campaign.


The Trading event will begin on January 14 at 05:00 UTC Time and will continue until Jan 21 at 0:500 UTC.

Click here to sign up Poloniex.

Click here to share the reward by trading MILK on PoloniDEX.


Score Milk Celebrates Poloninex's 7th Anniversary