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KyberSwap, a leading multi-chain DEX has now partnered with BitTorrent and launched their platform on BTTC to scale multi-chain DeFi with four months of liquidity mining & incentive rewards that would be available to users immediately.

KyberSwap would be one of the first multi-chain DEXs to be integrated onto the BitTorrent Chain and as stated on their blog that KyberSwap aims to provide everything an interoperability chain needs in a DEX along with a comprehensive set of Liquidity Pools, eliminating the need for any other DEXs or aggregators.

Also, starting from April 21st, liquidity providers on the platform would be allowed to add any amount of liquidity to the eligible pools on KyberSwap on BTTC to unlock their share of $1.5M in BTT and KNC rewards over the next four months.

Last March, TRON, BitTorrent, and Kyber Network hosted a discord AMA and discussed details about their partnership and plan for the future regarding the cooperation between KyberSwap and BTTC.

What is Kyber Swap?

KyberSwap is the flagship decentralized exchange (DEX) by the Kyber Network and aims to provide the best rates for traders in DeFi and maximizes returns for liquidity providers.

Its decentralized exchange powers over 100 plus of integrated projects and since its launch it has facilitated over US$7 billion worth of transactions from its users worldwide.

Currently, KyberSwap is deployed across 11 blockchains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Cronos, Arbitrum, Velas, Aurora, Oasis, and BitTorrent.

What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is based in San Francisco and was founded on September 22, 2004, by Bram Cohen and Ashwin Navin. It is the largest decentralized P2P communications protocol for distributing data and large files over the Internet.

BitTorrent was acquired by TRON Foundation and continued to provide support for their BitTorrent and uTorrent clients.

Last December, BitTorrent announced that they are launching the first scalable heterogeneous cross-chain interoperability protocol called BitTorrent Chain and this has resulted in the BTT redonmination plan that led to creating the BTTC which was the newest native token of the BitTorrent platform.

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KyberSwap: Launches on BitTorrent Chain