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Just Money – Beyond Crypto Currency

One of the great opportunities in crypto lies well beyond utilizing crypto as a simple asset class.  Just Money sees crypto as not just an investment opportunity but rather a solution to many of the problems that lone FIAT continues to have.  Though their product suite Just Money aims to build custom solutions to increase the velocity of crypto being used as Money. 

Just Money has a vision to bring crypto beyond a uni dimensional investment class.  When you break down the complexities of what Just Money is trying to accomplish it all comes down to a simple phrase:  “Making crypto as easy to use as cash”.

Making Crypto Easy

Just Money has pinpointed one of the major roadblocks in every day crypto adoption.  This is not establishing a customer base who wants to use crypto (that growth is already naturally happening ).  Rather, by addressing the complications that merchants have in accepting crypto.

We know that Merchants want to utilize crypto, but it’s a hassle for them to both learn and then implement solutions.  This is where Just Money comes in.  Just Money aims to make implementation a burden free task for merchants.  This will be done with deep integrations with E-commerce platforms and beyond.  The advantage of building custom software with the goal to solve an existing problem is the adaptability that it presents for a variety of situations.  Many merchants will not be looking to accept crypto to hold their crypto.  Just like any business, they need to exchange their dollars for goods to continue to grow and prosper.  Just Money aims to build software to allow the immediate exchange of crypto to Fiat.  To the customers, they will have the ability to choose how they want to pay, to the merchants, It will be just like any other transaction. 

Regulatory protections

One of the main roadblocks that many projects will face is the regulatory burden of ensuring proper KYC and AML procedures.  Just money understands the future.  

“Regulation is obviously tightening around the world and we feel like it’s a good thing for us since we can take all that in to consideration while building our product family.”  

Just Money does not see regulation as a roadblock, but rather an opportunity.  Where other projects will shy away, Just Money is building the products necessary to work seamlessly in the future.

The Just Money team is not only considering day to day regulatory concerns but are looking on the horizons.  The team knows that in order to be able to grow and build to their full potential they need to establish themselves in a jurisdiction that understands the complexities of crypto and the solutions that they present.  To this end the team is currently considering several crypto-friendly jurisdictions so that they can work unhindered. 

Just Money – The exchange

The Just money team has worked hard to create a custom liquidity exchange.  The exchange will be utilized as a foundation of their suite of products.  Beyond allowing every day crypto users to swap their tokens.  The Just Money exchange will power the custom crypto to merchant solutions that the team is building. 

The Just Money exchange has full support for tokens with taxes.  It has support for pairs with multiple swap routes.  It allows for tax-free adding/removing of liquidity, and excitingly it will work on multiple chains.  Soon, BSC and ETH swaps will be implemented. 

Just Money – The Token

The Just Money token is the lifeblood of the Just Money Suite.  “A deflationary token on the Tron Network is designed to power a range of products allowing people to use crypto as an alternative to fiat money”.  

The JM token takes advantage of external revenue streams to consistently burn and strengthen the Just Money ecosystem.  Every swap initiated and every transfer will have a fee which will be distributed to the community and be used to burn the overall supply of JM.  Think of this as cyclical growth.  Every time someone else spends their JM they benefit you.  Likewise, every time you spend your JM, you benefit them.  Lastly, the Just Money revenue streams will allow them to consistently initiate a buyback procedure to strengthen the Liquidity Pools, making the entire ecosystem more robust.

The Future of Just Money

The Just Money Team has a very busy roadmap as they look to quickly build for the future.

First off, the Just Money team is building their Cross-Chain swap.  As mentioned above this swap will allow users to utilize both BSC and ETH (and maybe even BTC) to swap.  This will be a game changer for the entire crypto space moving forward.  The Cross-chain swap will very much strengthen the JM ecosystem as half of the fees generated will be utilized to strengthen the LP pools.  (Q3-Q4, 2021)
Secondly, the JM team is working on a shopping marketplace as a proof of concept.  This will allow users to purchase thousands of products using the custom built Just Money crypto mechanisms.  (Q4-Q1, 2021)
Other features such as the One Click Buy Button and the SaaS plugin will be built in 2022 with more to come in 2023. 
Meanwhile, the Just Money team will also be working on a governance system so that the community can truly have ownership and a say in the future of Just Money.

Additional Information:

The Just Money Token is a Tron based token listed on CoinGecko –

The Just Money had a 100 Billion Token Supply at its inception.  The team then burnt 25 Billion tokens and tokens continue to be burnt with every transaction. The current circulating supply is 73.9 Billion tokens.

The Just Money Tron Contract Address is: TT8VkSkW6igkiRsV5WiJgLrsbVwY5bLLjA

White paper:

Home page:

YouTube: JustMoney






Just Money - Beyond Crypto Currency