JustLend: TRON’s Lending Platform Now Live

By December 7, 2020Tron | TRX

JustLend, the first official TRON-powered lending platform went live today and TRON users can now borrow and lend against collateral. JustLend provides comprehensive, easy-to-use and decentralized digital asset financial services to all TRON users.

What is JustLend?

JustLend is a TRON-powered lending and wealth management platform aimed at establishing fund pools whose interest rates are determined by an algorithm based on the supply and demand of TRON.

As written on their Medium post:

JustLend devises a unique method to provide comprehensive, easy-to-use, and decentralized digital asset financial services where trust is no longer an issue.

The TRON-powered lending platform is one of the three DeFi services developed by the JUST DeFi team, alongside JustSwap and JustBTC.

The said platform features automated order matching, returns, governed through voting and it supports the following tokens TRX, SUN, JST, BTC, USDJ, USDT, WIN, and WBTT for collateral and deposits. The TRON official lending platform is fully operated on the TRON network and it provides a high-speed and lower-cost decentralized lending protocol accessible to all TRON users.

This is another milestone for Justin Sun and TRON Foundation as they have been continuously raising the bar in the DeFi industry, with the launch of JustLend gives us a glimpse of what the future of decentralized digital banking could be, and expect that TRON’s DeFi ecosystem will get bigger over the months and years to come.

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