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Justin Resigns from Tron

In a lengthy letter to the Tron community, Justin Sun has announced that he is stepping away from Tron to become the Grenada Ambassador to the World Trade Organization.

In the Dec 17 letter, Justin outlined numerous positive aspects from where Tron stands, calling it a “new era of decentralization”. He refers to himself as an ordinary member of the Tron protocol community.  Justin boasts about how Tron processes $10 billion in daily volume and has over $60 billion in assets within the blockchain.

“The Tron network has undergone an incremental process of achieving autonomous governance.” – Justin Sun

A contentious leader

As the leader of Tron, Justin has had his share of controversy that bled into the growth of the blockchain.  One of the most poignant issues was the perception that Justin controlled the majority of the Super Representatives.  In his resignation letter, Justin confirms that part of the claim is true as he officially announced that three of the Tron Foundation nodes “uTorrent”, “BitTorrent”, and “justinsunTron” have withdrawn from being a Tron Super Representative.

Additionally, Justins promotion style raised eyebrows within the greater crypto space.  Justin was seen as someone who tried to hype new products beyond what was reasonable.

The Growth of a leader

Though Justin did have his quirks, it was also apparent that Justin has grown immensely over the past four years.  Anyone who was paying attention saw a young, perhaps even careless, founder grow into a serious leader within the blockchain space.  Around 2019 Justin’s style shifted immensely.  He was clearly more thoughtful about what he made public.  He still promoted Tron and it’s associated projects but did so with a higher level of tact.

As this leader shifts from being involved as the founder of Tron to being thrust into governance as an Ambassador to the World trade organization, it is evident that Justin’s growth has paid off.


Ambassador Justin Sun

In his letter to the community, Justin outlines that he wishes to “forge closer collaboration between the blockchain industry and international sovereign states”.  To this end, Justin has accepted the appointment as Ambassador of Grenada to the World Trade Organization.  While Justin’s role will not simply be pursuing the expansion of blockchain, it is clear that it will be a pivotal part of his personal mission in becoming Ambassador.

Closing in Justin’s Own Words

Congratulations to Justin on his appointment and best wishes to him in all of his future endeavours.

Justin’s letter closes with an inspirational thought:

“I believe technology will one day become the enabler of a decentralized financial infrastructure for all people; its fruition is only a matter of time.  But through our efforts, we can make this day come as soon as possible.  So let us embrace the future together” – Justin Sun


Justin Sun Resigns from Tron