NFT Cupcake: The First Ever Greg Lutzka NFT Launching Tomorrow

By May 13, 2021Tron | TRX

NFT Cupcake, the world’s first NFT studio, and Greg Lutzka, multi-awarded professional skateboarder announces the first-ever Greg Lutzka NFT to be launched tomorrow and he would be the first athlete to collaborate with NFT Cupcake.

Combining skateboarding and NFT’s is like making a piece of art better since skateboarding is a way of life and an artform plus adding up NFT would make it more special.

Lutzka has been in the skateboard industry for decades now and has ridden for the best brands in the business such as Darkstar Skateboards, Independent Trucks, and Ricta Wheels just to name a few.

He is widely known for his technical tricks and massive ollies over huge gaps and personally my favorite part of Lutzka was from the Almost Skateboards Round 3 skate video.

Lutzka has been very excited to get into the NFT space and he has an interest in cryptocurrency and skateboarding, of course, so he was very happy to combine the two.

Who is Greg Lutzka?

Greg Lutzka, a professional skateboarder and multi-gold medalist from different skateboarding contests in the country such as X-Games, Tampa Pro, Street League Skateboarding, and Dew Tour.

He currently rides for Darkstar Skateboards. DVS Shoes, Independent Trucks, Sk8 Candles, and his very own motorcycle shop Lutzka’s Garage.

What is NFT Cupcake?

NFT Cupcake is the world’s first NFT design studio. The company is focused on creating art that is meant to live forever in the blockchain. Through staggering stories, imagination, and virtuosity, NFT Cupcake connects people and collectibles to digital ownership.

Tronspark would like to congratulate NFT Cupcake for launching their very first NFT with one of the best skateboarders in the industry Greg Lutzka and we cannot wait for more NFT’s to come from the world first NFT design studio.

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