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Two messages On Tron’s Github this week indicate a shift in the Tron network architecture. The event server will be decoupled from TronWeb.

[the Event class] can be modified dynamically with a plugin to support any eventServer

This means the Event class can use a database connector of its own choosing, and presumably it paves the way for Tron to implement a blockchain specific database for the event server. Both the native LevelDB format and MongoDB have their drawbacks and limitations. Perhaps the intent is to let a developer choose the event server database features which mean the most to them, whether that is reduced size, NoSQL accessibility, or SQL compatibility.

It just so happens that tronprotocol has initiated a new repository. This yet to be developed Chainbase project would seem to go hand in glove with the previously announced decoupling of the Event class.

Some Possibilities

Chainbase could be the first eventServer database plugin for Tron Web. It could also be a database engine specifically designed for blockchain optimization. Or it could offer well-known database connectors to the full node and replace the event server. We’ll just have to watch as this one takes shape. This is exciting progress nonetheless, both for developers and for Tron.


Jason Neely

A.K.A. 'bondibox'. Blockchain specialist. Founder of CommunityNode and moderator for TRON Developer Discord.

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