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DeFine, a social NFT platform just announced that they have received a strategic investment from TRON Foundation and it will be used primarily to develop products, NFT multi-chain ecosystem expansion, and the exploration of NFT-Fi and Metaverse.

DeFine is one of the first NFT platforms to receive investment from the TRON Foundation and this makes them a strategic partner as well.

This partnership aims to develop the first NFT marketplace in the TRON blockchain and plans to launch NFT auctions in the near future.

What is DeFine?

DeFine is the NFT social platform for all creators including artists, musicians, influencers, gamers, and athletes. Its platform makes them unique as it can facilitate all the creator’s social interaction, engagement, and communication with their fanbase with NFT’s such as social/fan tokens, content, merchandise, and other digital assets.

One of the key features of DeFine is their Digital Credit System, which an NFT-based social profile will pave way for future NFT-based DeFI features such as credit lending.

They also have the Metaverse Profile, an NFT-based social profile that will be utilized in different metaverses where the user’s activity is reflected among their profile and lastly, the Social/Fan Token Minting which allows creators to launch their own social tokens which allows them to customize it in order to engage more fan activity and rewards.

What is TRON Foundation?

TRON is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that was founded by Justin Sun. TRON aims to create a free, global digital content entertainment system with distributed storage technology and allows easy and cost-effective sharing of digital content.

TRON has been actively engaged with the NFT market for several months now and recently, it launched its first NFT standard TRC-721 and improved the world’s largest distributed storage system BTFS, delivering a comprehensive and efficient infrastructure to convert artworks as NFTs on the blockchain.

The partnership between DeFine and TRON Foundation can be beneficial for both as the NFT market has been rapidly growing and continues to generate more interest from NFT fans worldwide.

The DeFine platform on the TRON blockchain allows users to experience TRON’s real-time transaction speeds, low transaction fees, and the partnership of the two companies will make NFT’s easily accessible to purchase for global NFT followers.

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Jino Tokieda

Former EMEA/APAC Operations Executive for a global photography company with 5 years of experience working with top technology companies in the US and have been involved with cryptocurrencies since 2019. Always been a fan of TRON and started getting into the TRX scene around January 2020. Besides creating articles for Tron Spark, I'm a skateboarder and working for a coffee company in Fort Worth, Texas.

DeFine: TRON Foundation's Newest Strategic Partner