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The Vision

Score Milks vision is to become the leading platform in skill-based blockchain gaming.  No small feat to be sure.  The team has spent well over a year building a foundation for the monumental task that is before them.  Perhaps a cliche but PVP gaming on the blockchain changes the game completely.  We aim to offer a platform where you can have fun, play competitively and where you actually stand a chance of winning on a consistent basis.

Initial Launch

Score Milk’s Version 0.5 launch is in sight.  We will be launching ScoreMILK with two initial PVP games.  Flappy Ball, and Stacks.  Both these games were chosen on purpose.  Our goal at choosing these games was to ensure every person who logs into to Score Milk will feel comfortable playing immediately.  There will be no hesitation from gamers trying to figure out the odds of winning or trying to understand complicated games.  Rather there will be an instant, almost nostalgic feeling among the community.

More than a Ball!

Launching version 0.5 with Flappy Ball, and Stacks goes beyond Nostalgia.  It will give the Score Milk team, and private developers the unique ability to evaluate what are users are wanting.  As you know, we are specifically building Score Milk to adapt, and shift with market demand.  Future Games will be based on user feedback.  We will build what the community is asking for, and we will do that in two ways.  First, Score Milk has internal designers who will take their cue from user feedback.  Secondly, and perhaps much more powerful, private game developers will have the opportunity to on-load their games onto the Score Milk Platform. 

Getting it Right

The gaming industry is expected to more than double in the next five years.   Score Milk aims to be part of that growth.  Even more so, Score Milk wants you to join us in being part of that growth.  Right now Score Milk is building a bohemith behind the scenes.  Thousands of hours are going into getting the platform just right.  The foundation that is built will not only accommodate what you see in practice play, it will accommodate game developers to bring in their own games. 

Game Developer By Score Milk Copy

Developer Potal

Developers who on-board their PVP games onto Score Milk will earn every time their game is played.  Score Milk offers the ability for developers to do what they are best at: building unique products that the community will love.  Developers can simply “Build it, and they will come”.  Score Milk is creating a vibrant gaming community that is ready to play, and compete with others on the games built by you. Score Milk aims to make it easy to bring games to the blockchain, therefore game developers will be able to utilize our simple  SDK to bring their games to the Score Milk Community.   It is almost too simple, on Score Milk, everyone wins, all players will earn MILK and developers will earn every time their games are played.

Beyond 0.5

The Sky is the limit.  We aim to be THE LEADING PLATFORM in skill-based blockchain gaming.  The team that Score Milk has built is capable of making this happen.  In version 2.0 Staking will be made available and the Burn features of MILK will be enacted.  In versions following the developer dashboard, direct chatting, tournament play will be added.  Advanced PVP games will be added.  We will work methodically as we advance, continually enhancing the Score Milk platform and building off of the foundation that we are now working on.

Practice play is available now.  This will give the community just a glimmer of what is currently being built.  Make sure you also check out the Score Milk Whitepaper.  Make sure you follow Score Milk’s Twitter, Telegram, and Discord channels for the most up to date information.



Before obtaining any MILK tokens please ensure you are eligible to do so in the country you reside in.  Visit for our regulation and compliance information.


Beyond the Ball - The Score Milk Vision