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Annex Finance, a cryptocurrency lending, and borrowing platform offer their users to earn interest by supplying TRX on their very own lending platform called Annex Lending.

This provides an option for TRX holders to have an alternative way to earn additional tokens on their wallets rather than doing the traditional HODL.

What is Annex Finance?

Annex Finance is a cryptocurrency lending and borrowing platform based on DeFi that hopes to bridge the traditional lending platform for several blockchains and DeFi.

By bridging the gap with traditional lending platforms on the market it would provide an improved platform for all Annex Finance users.

Annex Finance also is one of the first platforms out there providing DEX swap for its users, which users can produce LP and liquidity in order to have great APY returns and boost aToken price and volume while also allowing them to borrow and supply assets using smart contracts.

Besides their Annex Lending platform, they also have the Annex Auction which is an open-source smart contracts auction process for newly launched token projects, and Annex Finance Automated Market Maker (DEX) a way for users to trade and mint LP tokens.

They also have their own native cryptocurrency called the ANN token or aToken which is also used on their Annex Lending as a collateral token plus it can be used to purchase NFT’s or being used to bid for auctions on the platform.

Since the explosion of NFT’s this year Annex Finance also have their own NFT marketplace that host Non-Fungible Tokens where users would be able to trade, sell or purchase NFT’s.

What is TRON?

TRON is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that was founded by Justin Sun. TRON aims to create a free, global digital content entertainment system with distributed storage technology and allows easy and cost-effective sharing of digital content.

TRON is dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized Internet and they have added blockchain support to different fields such as DeFi, NFT, and GameFi.

TRON has been on a strong momentum these past months and with their recent strategic partnerships plus the addition of Annex Finance’s lending platform support for TRX, it looks like we’re in for a treat with TRON and expect more big news from them on the next following months.

For more news and updates, see Tron Spark.



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Annex Finance: Earn Interest by Lending TRX